Two Special Sunday  Events

        1.     “Lunch special “    

                                  24th December 2017   
                                  Time = 11am-1:30pm

        2.       “Handling delays"

26th November 2017

Venue   Church Hall  
256 Jubilee house , Main Street Camelon, falkirk.

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RCCG LifeHouse, 

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2 Corinthians 4:13-18

When faith is alive, it speaks; it has its own language as do doctors, engineers or other experts. The language of lawyers may sound like Greek to a layman, so also the language of faith may sound ridiculous to someone that walks by sight.

  1. 1. Faith speaks like a boss to problems, it belittles challenges. While fear magnifies the opposition, faith speaks like a master, like one in complete control of the outcome. Jesus said Jarius' dead daughter was only sleeping. He said the same of dead Lazarus. He slept through a life threatening storm. When His disciples woke Him, He simply got up and rebuked the wind and the waves. Faith speaks like one that is in complete control - like a commander. 
  2. That was how David spoke to Goliath, the size of Goliath amounted to nothing when compared to the size of God. David was sure of faith and what God can do.
  3. 2. Faith talks back to problems. It doesn't just talk about the problems. It declares its expectation not just what it is experiencing. Everything created by God has ears to hear the voice of authority faith knows it has a right to be obeyed. So it declares things the way it wants it to be. I am healed, be made 
  4. whole, I am a world overcomer. Remember, speak like a boss to challenges 

Prayers:Take some moments and declare your expectations in life!